** Annual Players fee of £10 for 2017 is now due. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PAY ASAP **


Based at the ALL NEW East Riding Leisure Bridlington; Bridlington Squash League is a friendly and sociable way of enjoying the game we love.

Ran by Local People and sponsored by Local Businesses, we have Six Divisions with players of all abilities.

If you would like to join one of our squash leagues then please fill out the form at the bottom of the Comments page.

Official Bridlington Squash League Merchandise is now available and can be bought from Pineapple joes at bessingby. 

All items come in various sizes. Please contact us if you have special requirements.

Items should be ordered by contacting Pineapple Joes and payment will be made upon pickup from our local supplier at Bessingby.

The Stringing Workshop 

Gavin Anderson is now able to offer stringing services after becoming UKRSA qualified as a registered Racket Stringing Technician. Gavin stocks several strings by RAB in various colours but can also source other string types if you prefer.

The most popular and hardest wearing club string is priced at £20 per racket with League Members receiving 10% discount.

Gavin also has a very high quality Pro String at £23 per racket with 10% discount for League Members.

Ashaway and Technifibre strings are available at £25 per racket with 10% discount for league members.

Please contact Gavin directly by email at gavin@orangehome.co.uk

By spending time on court, it is a great opportunity to develop and practice your shots in preparation for your matches.

By practising your shots it will not only develop consistency but also enable you to become more confident with all your strokes and will definitely enable you to reduce the amount of poor quality shots and errors your make.

Try the following practices once or twice a week for 30-40 minutes and you will soon notice a difference in your game
  • Straight hitting (both sides) – Try to hit the ball after one bounce, just behind the service box or in the service box to get warmed up. Make sure that you are on your toes and move your feet to get into a good position – try hitting 50 or 100 consistent shots.
  • Straight hitting (both sides) – More advanced – try hitting the ball so that it bounces just in front of the back wall and keep returning it each time to the same position – try to develop good rhythm and timing. Note: Don’t try to beat yourself with this shot, instead concentrate on consistency and rhythm – try hitting 50 or 100 consistent shots.
  • Straight hitting (both sides) – More advanced – Once you have completed the above try knocking a few shots just behind the service box then step onto the ball and try to hit a winning length. This time you are trying to attack the ball with a view to beating yourself with your length – try hitting 20 or 30 shots.
  • Volleys (both sides) – Stand in the service box and hit medium paced volleys back to yourself. Ensure that you move your feet into a good position and your racket is ready for the next shot – try hitting 20 or 30 shots.
  • Volleys (both sides) – Once you have completed the above, you could also try to hit a few volleys then attempt a low hard volley kill or perhaps feed yourself to practise volley drops– try hitting 20 or 30 shots.
  • Drop shots and short game – stand on or around the T and feed a number of shots to yourself around the front of the court (feed by boasting the ball, putting it short, create different angles) and ensure that you hit soft shots both straight and cross court into the front. This is a great exercise to practice your short game and your short sharp movement around the front of the court.
The above simple routines will enable you to develop your consistency and will make you comfortable with playing a range of different stokes when you get into a Matchplay situation – good luck!


Friday 30/12/2016

Squash Players

The divisions have now been arranged and will be displayed on our league page by Sunday for the beginning of the new season.The new season will now last 3 months instead of the usual 2 but to keep the games flowing an extra bonus stage has been added ie stage 1 -by jan 31st - 3 games must have been completed, stage 2-feb 28th a total of 6 games must have been completed, stage 3 - all remaining games must have been completed - each stage will be worth 5 pts to the final tally.
As I’m sure by now everyone is aware, Bridlington Squash league is for the first time charging a ‘Players Fee’ which is £10 per player per year so as to become ‘Self Funding’, these funds will be administrated by Andy Burns of (ARB-Accountancy) with a quarterly financial statement being displayed on our web page so there is clarity at all times.These funds will used for BSL competitions trophies, BSL season trophies and junior competitions so as to encourage more youth into this great sport. So if you haven’t already, please contact Andy Burns to arrange payment.
Liz and Ang very kindly organized a raffle at our recent presentation and raised a further £165 so a massive thankyou on behalf of the BSL.
I am in the belief that now the BSL is self funding, our league has a much brighter future although there are further improvements which need implemented to guarantee our leagues future, which include a ‘self updating leagues table’ . Ian Thurlbeck very kindly volunteered a few years ago to become our webmaster when no one else wanted the job of updating every players match scores on our web page , so a big thankyou from the BSL , but its now time to update the system so as to remove this responsibility from any one player, so we hope to have something in place for next season. So I will be contacting each and everyone of our members over the coming season for up to date email addresses etc so as this system may be set up prior to the start of next season.
Finally I believe now is the right time for more players to get involved as ‘organisers’ to help run this great league. If it is simply to have the job of putting the weekly league positions on the noticeboard, running one of the competitions, writing a monthly report for the newspaper, arranging the Christmas party, taking over the presentation, receiving the emails from new players and acknowledging their interest in joining etc With more organisers and fresh eyes, new ideas will arise of how to improvewhich stops everything becoming stale. There are so many little jobs that need sorting but again I think collectively we can self manage this league so longevity may be achieved ----a self funding, self managed league with an automatic scoring system what could be better.
I have now come to the decision for the ‘benefit of the league’ to sit out this season so as to start putting things in place as well as updating our rule book although I will continue as normal, organising this current season while starting to discuss with any player interested in helping to manage this great league of ours…. I now ask players who would like to take a role in the running of the league for say a 6 month period to drop me a line and make yourself known. I simply believe this is the way forward. During the next 3 months I also want to plan a way to encourage the youth into our league whether its corresponding with the local schools or with the management of the leisure center we need a way to try to find another little star like we had in young Charlotte Fish! We simply need a system to keep a constant flow of players feeding into our league.
Just for reference and clarity ,it has been agreed in accordance to rule 17 that I will be re -enter in the same Division as I took leave from as ‘Its for the Benefit of the league’ that I do so.


Note for our new players -Please remember players must return their texts even if it simply to say you are currently unavailable to play a match, if a player does not respond to 2 texts over a few days please move on to another player but drop me a line and Ill chase that player up

Tuesday 06/12/2016

As was announced at the recent presentation night; from January 2017, an annual subscription of £10 per person will be charged to fund the league and tournaments. This payment is now due . To make your payment, please contact Andy Burns to arrange payment ASAP. 

Monday 31/10/2016

As was announced at the recent presentation night as from January 2017, an annual subscription of £10 per person will be charged to fund competitions which take place between each season as well perhaps fund competitions for juniors so as to encourage and grow a junior league . Andy Burns of A.R.B. Accountancy has offered his services in the collection and administration of all funds which will be clearly displayed on our web page for all to see. Any local businesses who would like to sponsor any of these competition so as to raise further funds for the league as well as promote their business while doing so , please drop me a line ..

Another issue that was discussed was the promotion of the new Bridlington Squash branded sports top available from pineapple joes on Bessingby at £25 each, although White is the recognised colour, players are free to make their own choice from a selection of 5 colours / a polo shirt / round neck t shirt / men's/women's . I firmly believe this will not only make players look more professional with a smart appearance on the courts but would also promote our league to others not only on the court in play but perhaps enroute to the courts so fantastic promotion . Please note at this time it is not a compulsory purchase although we would like to phase it in over the coming seasons and to be worn for all league games .

Finally the Christmas Meal / Party will take place on Saturday 17th December where we have booked an up and coming young Band called 'First Principle' who have a fantastic sound and who cover all tastes and will certainly bring an atmosphere to the Party. .. Names will be taken soon but there will be limited spaces so book early ..... good luck in the current season and if anyone has any queries please contact me ..... Derek

Saturday 23/04/2016

Finals Night for The Brittons Open is being held at Sports Hall on Friday 6th May. The Presentation of Trophies for the Tournament and League will be held at The Windsor on Friday 27th May.

Friday 01/04/2016

Steve and Pam Brown would like to invite everyone to their early summer barbecue on Saturday 25th June at their house. It will be a 4pm start with a pay bar with all proceeds going towards the charity which Steve and Pam are cycling to Paris for... Please get in touch with Steve to confirm attendance or ask any questions on 07896198111. This is a child free event...

Monday 11/01/2016

  • The draw for the Brittons Open has been made and all the details can be found here

Wednesday 02/09/2015

  • The September/October Leagues are now on the Leagues page. Good luck everyone!

  • A huge thank you from Steve Brown to everyone who attended the chariy BBQ. A total of £230 was raised for the London to Paris ride next year. Keep an eye out on here for more fundraising events.

Wednesday 15/07/2015

  • The SUPER 8's Competition is now underway, check here for updates.
  • Steve Brown would like to invite everyone to a BBQ at his on Saturday 15th August. £12.50 per couple with free Pimms on arrival, covers food with a pay bar for drinks throughout the evening. This is to raise funds for a charity bike ride that Steve and Pam are doing for Children's liver disease next year, London to Paris.This charity is very close to Steve and Pam so please do what you can.

Please can all sponsors send a brief description of their business to Bridlingtonsquashleague@hotmail.co.uk so that the Sponsors page can be updated.


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